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Exciting Job Opportunities for Doctors and Nurses in the Czech Republic!

Join the government program to healthcare in public hospitals and nursing homes across the country.
Please note that positions are available throughout the Czech Republic, excluding Prague and Plzen, as all positions in these locations are already filled.

We are currently seeking nurses and doctors for various specialties (excluding dermatologists, dentists, and gynecologists). To apply, all you need is a diploma translated into Czech and certified by a notary. Don’t worry if you need assistance with translation—we can provide contacts for certified translators.

This opportunity is ideal for those who wish to work and live in the Czech Republic. Upon passing the interview, you can secure a job promptly.

Benefits include:
1. Housing:
For families, communal apartments are available at half the market price, owned by the city where the hospital or nursing home is located. Staff dormitories are provided for individuals without families.

2. Assigned Mentor:
Each employee will be paired with a doctor or nurse of the same specialty to assist you until you learn the language and obtain certification(EU equivalence). The duration is approximately;
A- ±2 years for nurses.
B- ±3 years for doctors.

3. Competitive Salaries:
A- Nurses start at 32 thousand CZK gross with possible bonuses. After completing the internship and obtaining a European certificate, the salary increases to 50 thousand CZK gross with more than 160 working hours.
B- Doctors start at 40 thousand CZK gross with potential bonuses. After completing the internship, the salary ranges from 100 to 110 thousand CZK gross.

4. Employment Benefits:
Work in government agencies, ensuring all employees receive salaries, vacations, sick days, and holidays.

Interviews are a crucial step in the application process.


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